Monday, December 10, 2007

My "Clone"

I am a twin (Fraternal)to my sister Dolores. During my 40's I was struggling with myself about who I was, what I wanted be be when I grew up and what I could contribute to life, among other things. One decision I made was to try writing poetry. My first attempt at being creative is this untitled short poem about being a twin. It goes like this:


In the year of '45, on March the 8Th, at seven,
The Lord had had enough, so he kicked me out of Heaven!
I said, "I'm not goin' to that Funny Farm call Earth!"
He said, "Now calm down Dear, you'll love this trip call birth.
You need not fear the journey, you will not be alone,
For in My wisdom (chuckle), I have given you a clone!"
I thought, "Hey, fantastic, a replica of me."
But boy, was I mistaken! It was not meant to be.
My "clone" as it turned out, didn't look like me at all.
I was big and bony, she was delicate and small.
While we were growing up, my days were filled with play,
while "Dewe" stayed indoors and cleaned the whole damn day.
She'd work and save her money, I'd work and spend mine fast!
It's never changed in all these years, that dye has long been cast.
We've been through much together, and much on separate roads,
Sharing common burdens or bearing our own loads.
We ARE two different women, with a life that's all our own,
But I'll be forever grateful, that the Lord gave me a clone.

There are more, some better, some worse, but as I look at them now, I can feel the emotions I held inside at that time of my life. I'll share some at another time and maybe even the stories that go with them. By the way, I LOVED my forties. They were the only Roller Coaster I would be willing to ride again! I am smiling as I think of those memories.....................................................

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Sharon and Tony Singleton said...

I have been enjoying your blog all morning. When I ran across your birthday in this blog - it seemed like fate. My birthday is March 8th....1943. I also live in Moscow ID. I was looking for blogs to get ideas on what different people write in blogs. I have a travel blog and recently started a family blog for my husband's family in England and Spain. Next I will be doing a blog for my family, all from Nebraska but scattered. I like your idea...just a fun blog for myself. Maybe I'll have to do this type of blog also.