Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Credit Card Was Gettin' Rusty

Today I indulged myself with my rarely used credit card. I was going to lunch, which I usually spend outside in my car, when the little devil on my shoulder said to me, "Buy something fun!" Well, my car started right up and headed for Office Depot, a two minute drive, then my body walked right into that evil place and led me right to an HP scanner and then to a "My Book" portable hard drive. My Visa jumped right out of my purse and before I knew what had happened, I was back to work. All of this and only 30 minutes had passed. I'm telling you, the devil made me do it!

Since I arrived home from work, I've been unpacking, unplugging, replugging, downloading, installing, uploading, reading, re-reading, trying this and trying that, saving, cropping (?), deleting, re-cropping, saving, deleting, saving again, wondering, "What the hell did I get into?" and finally, getting as far as the three photos above. It has been a blast and I've learned something new..............Yeah!!

Oh yes, the photos are of Jessica, my beautiful little Grand Daughter, who hated having her pictures taken. These were when she was three in 2001. The other is of Mom in her later years. (Probably me in another ten, if I'm lucky)

All this fun for under Two Hundred bucks! What more could a girl ask for?


Sandee said...

Love the pictures! Now you'll have to go back and spend another $100 on Photoshop elements. Then you'll really be addicted.

Michelle said...

I agree! You could edit, enhance and design some fabulous projects!