Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Salute to The Students

Yesterday, Saturday, I was about the laziest I could possibly be, doin' almost nothin' the whole damn day. My cooking consisted of two PBJ's and an orange. Oh yeah, there was also the three cheese sticks, which I always share with my four, furry, spoiled rotten "children". Dust bunnies, laundry, bathroom sinks & johns, all that good stuff were ignored. My motto for the day was "F**** housework, my tired hurts!"

This morning, I woke up with a little more ambition, or at least good intentions. Therefore, I immediately spent an hour reading the newspaper. When finished, I made the comment, "Well, I guess I'll go stick myself to the handle of the vacuum and do something useful." It just so happened, I passed my laptop on the way, deciding to do a quick check of my e-mail. To my surprise, I had a comment on one of my blog posts, from a College student! That delighted me since I have made no attempt to hide the fact that I am of the "Old Geezer" generation. He stated that I would see him in the store, he would be one of the college boys at the Deli.

Soooooooo...forget the vacuum, I'm blogging a salute to the Students who make a huge contribution to the lifeblood of my business. Students work for me and students buy from my store. I appreciate those facts of life. Whether they are Freshmen, out on their own for the first time, or the more worldly Graduate students, some married with children, they are a welcome part in the life of a Grocery store Manager and staff.

In the nearly four years I have been here in Moscow, I have learned the trends of these students. Beer, Beer, Beer, Everyone loves it! Everyone loves it! (the old song..'More, More, More', I think). August is definately "party time" at it's best. Then, as the term wears on, more food is added (note, I said "added") to the list of "must have's". I have also noticed another trend with the students: they are becoming more and more health conscious.

When the need arises, I will be in a check stand, ringing-up the purchases of these students and have discovered that there is life after ramen noodles. These young folks actually cook healthy meals! Along with the quick and easy frozen pizza and mac and cheese, is fresh meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, eggs and dairy products. This is not a gender thing. These young men and women all give a damn about their health. Kudo's!!

Now I don't know whether it's the fact that I could be a Grandmother to any one of them, but they are also respectful to me and to my staff. Yes, there are some who have that streak of rebellion; the few who risk their scholarships and such, by thinking they can outsmart our loss prevention team, trying to get away with shoplifting or malicious destruction of property, (football on aisle 5 ain't cool) or by causing a scene at the check stand because they are asked for ID, but they are a very small minority of the students we serve. In turn, the students have my respect and admiration for listening to the parents or guardians who raised them to be honest, decent, young adults who are building their own paths in life.

We are a minute part of a college student's life, but it is a part which is important to me as a store Manager, and to the staff who makes the machine run so smoothly. Having said that, it is my pleasure to give this "Salute" to all of the students of the University of Idaho and Washington State University who live, work, and study on the Palouse. You are Kickin'!!!!

Saluting The Flag

In addition, thanks for making it possible for me to live in the style to which I've become accustomed. Thumbs Up

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Michelle said...

You deserve the rest!! This is a nice post, mom! I'm sure the students really appreciate it