Monday, February 4, 2008

Sometimes ya Win, Sometimes ya lose....

Giants Saturday before Superbowl is the busiest day of the entire year at my store. With the weather being the worst in many years here on the Palouse, many surrounding communities, even parts of Moscow/Pullman, were snowed-in. School was closed all week; even the U's (first time since the winter of 68-69)as I mentioned in an earlier post. Therefore business was way down until Friday afternoon and Super Bowl Saturday, when, I swear, every human being within a 50 mile radius came grocery shopping.

Thank goodness all of my staff showed up, so we were sittin' purdy for help. I had paid someone to come clear out my driveway on Friday, so even I got to drive my own car. (nothin' worse than being unable to get out)

Well.........on Saturday the "boys" at the store hadn't filled their "game" card, which they try to hide from me when they're betting on the games. You know....what I don't know won't hurt. Hahaha! The Buckman comes into my office, hem-hawing around, and finally asks if I would like to get in on the card. "What card?", I innocently ask. "The Super Bowl card." he says, telling me "they" (now who might "they" be?) needed to finish filling the card. I tell him no, (a girl has to play hard-to-get, ya know) which leads to a teeny bit of begging and groveling on his part. Being the soft-hearted sweetheart that I am, I finally ask how much ($2 bucks a square) and agree to buy one. "Oh, come on," he says, "you can afford more than one!" I pull the $6 bucks I have out of my pocket and say, "This is all I have, you pick three squares for me." He takes my money and runs. Later, they drew the numbers and gave each of us "investors" a copy of the card. I asked what the numbers meant; it was explained to me; I put the paper in my pocket and went about my business for the remainder of the day knowing I was a mere contributor to their fun.

Sunday.. game day. Didn't watch the game, don't understand a thing about football. Sometime that evening I saw, on my internet homepage news, that the Giants had score listed. I was on my way to post a blog and didn't really care.

Monday morning while getting ready for work and listening to the morning news, I hear the score, 17-14. Hmmmm, "I'm pretty sure I have a 7 and 4 on my card.", I thought, but the card was in my apron pocket at the store so I wasn't positive. When I got to work, I checked it out and, sure 'nuff, I had won the fourth quarter! I was $80 bucks richer, less the six bucks I'd been coerced out of by the Buckman.

The "boys" know I'm not a football freak, so it was tough for them to hand over the cash. I gloated while accepting it. ( couldn't help myself) The Buckman always wins, so I can hardly wait to see him Tuesday morning (he was off today) to thank him for picking such good squares for me. LMAO!!!!

Belly Laugh
That'll teach 'em for thinkin' they're pullin' the wool over this old broad's eyes !
Momma always knows.............sometimes ya win and sometimes ya lose.
Football 7


Michelle said...

Whoo hoo!! We had two boards and they didn't even make it to my department! Then they had the guts to email the winners to us!!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. I hope to see you in the supermarket sometime....I'll be the college kid over by the deli.