Thursday, February 14, 2008

Uniquely Me.......don' cha think?

Well, wadda ya think? It is definately bee-u-tee-if-amous, my blog page, that is. I love it! And the credit goes to....Michelle for the header, as I mentioned yesterday, and to Sandee Lynn, my middle daughter for the colors, fonts, texture, stretching out (easier reading, I think) and mostly for her patience with her mother during the process. Poor girl drove ( 6 1/2 hours) up to Moscow to help me out at the store for a week (she works for the same company, only in Boise)and barely got her butt sat down at my dining room table when she started slaving on this creation. Her fingers were flying as fast as my mind was changing, and that was fast! Click, click, edit, edit, paste, copy, edit,! I didn't have a clue what she was doin' but the result (after hours of the above computing) is SWEEEEET!!

All three of my girls must have been pretty damn charming, when the good Lord was handing out talent, cuz they all have plenty. Me..I must have had my head where the sun don't shine when my turn in line came up. But please tell me BS counts, cuz somebody told me I'm full of it. Oh well..............

Happy Valentines Day to all of you biotches out there who got flowers, chocolate and dinner out!

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Michelle said...

I didn't know Sandee went up there. Is she still there? The blog looks nice. Its a little large but I guess it will help your readers that normally use their bifocals! LOL!!

By the way I got a dozen red roses from Wilt! :)