Saturday, March 15, 2008

Made from scratch German Chocolate cake, still warm from the oven, was cooling on the counter. MH was nowhere in site so I walked out the patio door to the back yard....she wasn't there either. I called out her name, but no answer came to me. So...I went to the garage, thinking she might be out there gathering up one of her millions of cooking pans but when I opened the door, off the laundry room, I was greeted with a wall of "stuff". That full garage was FULL to the ceiling, I swear. I'd have to have a month-long garage sale before I'd ever find her there, so I slammed that door before any of that "stuff" escaped into the house, heading for the Master suite to look. As I walked down the hall, I could hear her in the bathroom. Just as I started to knock on the door, she opened it. There she stood, stark-assed naked, dripping wet and no teeth in her mouth. She screamed, I screamed and ran out the door. I tell ya, it was a scary sight indeed! Really, I went to my car to get my suitcase and to let MH get dressed, which she did in a hurry, into her favorite old robe.

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