Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Visit Continues


Whenever I travel, I always have my hair cutting scissors with me just in case I need to snip a wild hair when I'm blow drying mine every morning. When we were kids and too poor to pay attention, I started cutting my own hair and and still do to this day. Well, as you can see from the picture above, Mary H went to a so called hairdresser who claimed she knew what she was doing. So, after our hug and hellos, Mary H begged me to trim her hair. Poor thing, before the terrible haircut, that same "professional" had given her a perm that had burned some of her hair clear off. I felt like Edward Scissorhands as I snipped and shaped that head of hair into something resembling a real "do". Mary H was thrilled with the results, claiming it was the best haircut she'd had in years. Once she dried and combed it, I must say, it did look pretty darn good. It made me happy to make her happy.



After we finished playing Beauty Shop, and Mary H had dressed and created her new "do", Bill, my brother-in-law, came in the door with arms full of groceries. It was time for Chef Mary to put her culinary skills to work. I made a half-assed offer to help but, to my utter relief, the chef insisted she had it all under control. Therefore, I plopped my butt onto a barstool and watched the creation begin. Besides, it was my birthday and as I've stated before............I'm done being Betty Crocker! Next time, you'll see the groceries become the goodies we were later to consume.

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Michelle said...

Love the do! looks like it will be a feast!!