Wednesday, April 2, 2008

When I Think of This, I Laugh

Ever have those moments when you're doing something (or maybe nothing) and, out of nowhere, you remember something that makes you laugh out loud?

I've had several of those thoughts lately. Don't know why, but here we go........

Damn Damn

  • When we were in Junior High School, my twin sister Dolores (the Clone) was jealous of the fact that I had 36" hips and hers were only 34". (She told me this years ago) She is NOT jealous anymore!! And, my hips aren't 36 inches anymore either. LMAO

  • On the day of my Mom's funeral, at the dedication of her grave site, four folding type chairs, connected/welded together, were placed for me and my three sisters to sit upon during the ceremony. Along with it being a somber and sad occasion for us, it was also cloudy and rainy that day in October. Many, many people had gathered to pay their last respects, standing silently as the four of us took our places in the provided chairs next to the grave. We had only been seated for less than a minute, when the connected chairs, carrying the weight of four fluffy sisters, started to sink into the soft, wet earth beneath us. That was the fastest any of us had moved in many years prior to, or the years since. As heartbroken as we were to have to say goodbye to Mom, we all laughed at this unexpected "happening". It was one of the few light moments of the day and I know Mom was giggling with us.

  • During our early growing-up years, the Clone and I were as different as night and day. I couldn't get enough of fun and games, while she would spend most of her days in the house, organizing and cleaning everything she could get her hands on. When she babysat, or whatever, to earn some cash, she would save it, while I would spend my earnings as fast as I could run to the nearest store, or movie, or skating rink. The fun things! When we got to Junior High, like all other girls of that age, we wanted to wear the latest fashion in clothes, shoes, makeup, hair and shoes. THE most popular clothing item in those years was the "Little Love" sweater, made by Janzen. Everyone wanted to own one of every color available. However, that sweater was expensive. For most of us, it was closer to a dream than reality. Dolores, managing to save her money, bought at least two of them. I don't remember the exact number, but one of them was Heather gray. Somehow, I managed to be the first person to wear this valuable little piece of knitted wool. It happened to be a weekend; Dewe was not home when I adorned myself with the "Little Love" and went about my activities for the day, feeling like a million dollars. When I arrived home from my adventures, I walked into the kitchen, not even thinking of my intrusion into her personal property. She happened to be slicing a loaf of bread at the time, took one look at me and that sweater enhancing my perky little "nubbins" and immediately turned into Freddy Kruger.
    No Oops! I knew I was in deep doo doo as I sank to my knees, begging for mercy as that bread knife she held rose to the full height of her arm. We had experienced our moments of sibling rivalry, but I knew I had committed the unforgivable sin. I had been the first to wear her brand new sweater and she was literally going to kill me! The look of pure terror on my face must have overpowered her anger, for the next thing I knew, she was laughing hysterically at me and at herself. Whew, that was close but I learned very quickly, asking permission is the only way to go. We've never had a cross word in the fifty years since then. And, today, she would give anyone in need the shirt off her back.

Wasn't that an edifying bit of trivia? Let's hear your out-of-the-blue moments of laughter.

Good night and good laughs to all.......................................

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Michelle said...

This is a great post! I'll have to think of things that make me laugh!