Friday, May 23, 2008

A Place in My Heart......Forever Filled

Six years ago today, my first Great Granddaughter made her entrance into this world and into the hearts of a large extended family. Cailin Marie is her name-a name never to be forgotten. She started life with an imperfect heart, underwent surgery and was connected to life support-all within a few hours of her birth.

I was working when I received the call announcing her birth and the news of her fight for life. I cried my eyes out, both for the joy of her birth and the heartbreak I felt for her Mom and Dad (Eric, my grandson) and for my daughter Michelle, her grandmother. Unable to be there by their sides, I kept up-to-date by telephone and by logging on to the web sight provided by the hospital for those family members, like myself, who are far away. They provided daily updates on her condition and current pictures of her, which was a wonder service.

She was beautiful and perfect on the exterior, but her little body could not endure. Though the medical team worked very hard to save her, it was not to be. Cailin returned back to her original home eleven days after her short visit to this plane.

I think of her often, imagining a delightful little "Daddy's Girl", loved enormously and unconditionally by all who would have the privilege to know her, comforted by my faith that her death was a rebirth into a realm of unimaginable love where she whole, happy and waiting patiently to greet those of us whose life she touched forever.

She was laid to rest in a beautiful place, surrounded by lovely trees and flowers, in the company of many other little angels who were needed more in Heaven than on Earth. Although I can't go there this Memorial Day to honor her life, and tell her of my love, I will be there in spirit with her, to watch the beautiful sunset that warms her and glows over her little place on Earth.

I love you, Cailin Marie. You have a place in my heart forever filled with you.

Grandma Dort

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