Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ever lived in a subdivision with a Home Owners Association? I'd rather pay taxes and high gas prices any day than live under this kind of suppression ever again. The rules and the people who enforce them must be reincarnated from Hitler's regime. They tell you what color to paint your house, what trees, shrubs and plants you can grow, how often to mow and water, when to flush the toilet, what day you can buy groceries, and for God's sake don't park your Mercedes in the driveway; it's not aesthetically pleasing. Then to add insult to injury, you have to pay them to dish out their abusive judgements every month and risk fines and liens if you dare to defy their ridiculous demands.

We've all heard of the HOA in Florida who put a lien on the home of a family who chose to install a flagpole to fly the American flag. (wasn't aesthetically pleasing to the elitist golf players in the Sub)
Now, this past week, an HOA somewhere is protesting people who chose to hang their laundry outside to dry. Again, these sleazy bastards, who dare to use the wind to save energy, are ruining the aethestics of some 'Puttin' in the Ritz' neighborhood in America.

I don't live in an HOA neighborhood any longer, thank God, but I'll tell you what; if I could find one, I'd but a clothes line in my yard in a minute. Moscow, ID certainly has the wind for it and if you've never climbed into a bed with sheets fresh off the clothes line, you've never lived. The perfume of God's wind in fabrics is one of the sweetest gifts of life. HOA Gestapo leaders (?) should try it sometime, they might actually find something they like in life.

Let your bloomers blow in the the Wind. This is the Land of the Free, isn't it?


Sandee said...

Ask Cristie about her bloomers blowing in the wind. She had plenty of winds blowing yesterday while we were in the cave. LOL! Her perfumes weren't nearly as sweet as God's though.

Scrappy Girl said...

I came to check out your blog from Michelle's blog. I love your thougthts and perspectives on things. Have fun with your visit to Michelle...she is looking forward to it.