Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Things are Just So Irritating

Last week I went to Boise to visit family for a "mini" family reunion. I had a wonderful time; peaceful sleep at Michelle's home, great visits with family members, food to die for, shopping with my daughter, grand daughters and sisters, visits with former co-workers. When it was time to return to the North, I was relaxed and happy, ready to face the "coal mines" again.

This week, which just ended for me, greeted me with a lot of catching-up-at-work. It was a busy week with the normal challenges of managing the business and personnel who keep it going. Regardless of the fact that I sometimes find myself wondering whether it's all worth it, I love my job, the people who work with me and the customers who are the "real" signers of my paycheck.

In spite of the aforementioned proclamation, there are a couple of things that are just plain irritating to me; one being the people who are so afraid of germs, that they pee (or worse) all over the toilet seat, or leave the paper lid cover (which they peed or worse on) where they left it for the next person to dispose of. Then they go to the sink to wash those filthy little germs off their hands, take the ten paper towels they used to dry those same hands, to cover the handle of the door as they leave. Ok, I can live with that, but why do they toss them back onto the floor before the doors fully closes?? I've seen them do it! Obviously, they could not care less about the person who has to clean-up after them. Eating a little dirt as a child would probably have added years to their paranoid lives. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!

Second irritation: the drivers who can't read the stop signs on the road which runs in front of the store entrance. Our parking lot is nearly always full, meaning that there are a lot of people, many with small children, entering and exiting the store. We all know that even with very attentive parents, small children tend to leap before they look. It's almost as if they have an innate urge to run as soon as the outdoor air hits their faces. I can't begin the recall the number of times I have seen near-misses as someone barrels through the stop signs, oblivious to the danger they create for other people. And, to make matters worse, most of these are supposedly mature adults, not the teenagers and college students. One busy weekend day, I stood there and counted 25 vehicles go through the stop signs before one actually stopped. We had over 3000 (not counting children) customers crossing that speedway that day. Go figure!

Now that I have vented, I still have to admit that "Life is, indeed, good!"


Michelle said...

I think I hit enter before I was finished. Anyway.. Its good to be clean etc but be respectful of others! These people are freaks!

I don't think it's just the parking lots people don't stop. I've been at a red light and 3 or 4 cars are still going through their red light when mine turns green. People are psycho and in a hurry! If they were in such a hurry they should have left sooner! Its the ME focus everyone has. Who cares how everyone else is affected, as long as I'm doing good!

Michelle said...

you have an award on my blog :)