Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Tired Really Hurts!!

Both the UI and WSU opened for fall semester on the 25Th. As I've said before, this is one of the busiest times of the year for business at my store.

I don't know whether the majority of students are sharing in a kazillion dollar lottery win, their parents are richer than a foot up a bull's butt, paying for everything, or they are just plain lazy. I say this because my business has always hired students to work part-time (or full-time if they want) to help with the extra business the academic year generates. This year however, getting students to even apply for a job is like pulling hens teeth. Of those who do apply, a majority can't pass the drug screen or, are so restricted on their availability, it is impossible to schedule them to fit our needs. I'm beginning to fear that earning your own way is sadly fading into obscurity.

This brings me to whining about why my Tired hurts. It goes without saying, that I am no spring chicken, which means that most of my get up and go has got up and went. However, I signed up to do a tough job, so for the past ten days I have worked my butt off. Well, maybe not literally, as it still has the same circumference, but I'll tell you, after ten days and 119 and 1/2 hours since my last day off, I am ready for my trip to Boise and some R&R. After about a half hour at home, I heard a knock on the door; it was my dragging-ass finally catching up with me.

There is not a cell in this old body which doesn't ache, every fingernail on my hands is broken, some past the quick, my cuticles look like they went through a meat grinder and I could put a final finish on a custom built piece of furniture with my sandpaper rough hands. I can hardly wait to see whether I can meet the challenge of putting on a pair of pantyhose for Eric and Jenn's wedding on Friday. (I wonder if gloves are back in fashion?) :) I threw freight, faced and pulled cardboard from the shelves, scrubbed floors and cleaned bathrooms, put baskets full of "I decided not to get this" items back on the shelves, and cashiered. This, along with the everyday paperwork, trying to hire people, personnel issues, getting bills paid, answering calls, dealing with vendors and taking care of customer needs.

Yes indeed, I've been working very hard but nothing compared to the folks who work graveyard stocking truck loads of freight, or cutting meat, trimming and stocking produce; those who keep the dairy full of milk, eggs, butter, etc; those who make hundreds of sandwiches & salads along with frying/baking chicken, slicing meats and cheeses; those who work constantly refilling bulk food bins and the bakers who keep fresh breads, rolls and goodies available for all to enjoy. My kudos go out to all of these people who keep the wheel greased, and lastly to the people who stand in one place all day long, legs aching, feet screaming, trying hard to keep a smile on their face, while their arms ache from scanning or weighing thousands of food items while checking out hundreds of people during a shift. All these people are the real heroes in my tired eyes and I want all to know that I appreciate each one for every ounce of effort they make to keep our customers happy with their shopping experience.

Ok, enough of this mushy stuff. Wahoo!! I'm on vacation and I plan to have a damn good one. See you when I get back.

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Jenn said...

A well-earned vacation....can't wait to see you!