Saturday, November 29, 2008

Careful What You Ask For

Virtually every religion, philosophy, or belief system known to mankind teaches to ask and you will receive, seek and you will find. The problem is in how we go about the asking part. We pray, we beg, we supplicate, we promise to be good, better or best if only "You" will give me what I want. I want to be healthy... please make me so; I want to be happy...please show me the way; I want to be financially secure...please let me buy the winning lottery ticket or lead me to a dream job; I want to be thin...give me the willpower to leave those damn sweets alone; I want a new home, I want a new/newer car, I want peace in the world, I want to be safe and secure, I want to loved unconditionally, I want to be debt free, I want, I want....................

Think hard about this and you will realize that God, The I Am, The Universe, All That Is, The Creator...whomever or whatever you have given your faith to, will give you exactly that. Wanting. I personally am working on the premise (which I have learned from my life long search for answers) that the desires of my life will be granted by being thankful in advance of receiving.

Thank you, God for the good day I am about to experience, thank you for the good health I will enjoy for the remainder of my life; thank you for the abundance which continues to flow into my life; thank you for the love and happiness that comes to me in many ways, every day; thank you for the retirement coming my way and the new adventures it will bring to me; thank you for the peace and love which is developing at a rapid pace for all of humanity; thank you for the success and happiness life brings to my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, my brothers and sisters and all of my extended family; thank you for the leaders of this country and the world who are working together for peace, goodwill and prosperity for all of name a few.

Now I admit, this is not easy to do. However, with baby steps, I go forward with great faith that being thankful for the future and all the good it will bring to me and my fellow men is worth giving up that four letter word that leads to nowhere. Goodbye WANT. Hello "Thank You God", for the blessings coming every day to all, believers and non believers alike.

Thank you God, for the ears that will hear and the hearts who will believe.

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