Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The People Have Spoken

My first thought, at the end of a long evening last night, was: "Thank God and greyhound they're gone!" That is, the negative advertising, hateful comments and half-truths inundating the television, newspapers, and talk radio, and the division of family, friends and neighbors over this 2008 election.

I voted for the first time in the very early sixties and this truly is the most historical political moment I have known in my lifetime. Those of you born in the seventies or later can never know the division in this country during the Vietnam war or the Civil Rights movement. It was painful then and has been a struggle ever since. Today is our opportunity to once again become what the founding fathers, intended, "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Certainly, every person has the right to his or her opinion and beliefs. However, our first responsibility is to be loyal to our country and it's leaders, supporting them in their efforts to bring us together as "One People" to bring this country out of the darkness of hatred (fear) into the light of love and acceptance for all.

John McCain, spoke of this with great eloquence, sincerity and grace in his speech last night. It is my hope for all of humanity that each of us, whether we supported or voted for him or not, will listen to those words and accept our responsibility to work together to bring the peace, hope and vision that was born when this nation was brought forth so many years ago.

The tears of joy shed last night should be a sign that God does indeed bless America.

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Michelle said...

I agree. I hope everything works out in the end :) How are you?