Sunday, January 18, 2009

Amazing Grace?

Thanksgiving day was nothing special at my house. I was tired from working ten straight days to get through the much appreciated frenzy of people coming into my store to fill their carts with all the ingredients for the feasts they would enjoy with their family and friends on this day. The weather was lousy and I had canceled my plans to drive to Pasco for dinner with my sister, not just because of the weather, but because I was feeling a little punk.

I was all nestled up it my bed that morning, my favorite flannel jammies keeping me warm and comfortable, determined to spend the day reading or watching old movies..or both at once. However, I have these four little furry creatures who can't stand it when I've found the perfect position of pure comfort where I can enjoy my laziness. Oh, no... it is only then that they demand to be let outside to do their "thing". So... I get up for the third time that morning, pad to the doors off the deck to let the little rascals out, while telling myself they could just stay out for an hour or so, after all they do have thick fur coats. And, just maybe they would appreciate staying in a little longer when they came back into "their" cozy, warm abode. I nestled back into a comfortable position, eyes drooping and ready for a little nappy-poo, when I heard a loud chorus of snarling, snapping and yapping creatures, wondering what the H.. is going on out there? The Fireman was oblivious to anything except the latest book he was reading, so I jumped out of bed, forgetting my slippers, and ran to the deck to investigate. My feet were freezing as I looked down the stairwell which lead to the yard. There they were, my four little darlings, attacking something. I was thinking maybe it was a field mouse or one of those little brown rabbits living in the neighbor hood, when Mumz pulled back to reveal a tiny little kitten whose was obviously scared to death.

I yelled to Mike that the dogs were trying to murder a kitten as I ran past him to get my slippers. By the time I retrieved them and got back to the door, (a matter of seconds) Mike, who loves animals with a passion, was coming in, kitten in hand, with four rabid dogs nipping at his heels. He handed the poor, helpless little thing to me. She was shaking with fright, soaking wet from dog slobber, and had pooped all over herself. What could I do but give the little ceature a bath, dry her, feed her, and try to soothe away her fear while keeping her away from those other brats who thought she was some kind of toy to knock around.

I'm not sure where she came from, but I couldn't just put her back into that cold weather and snow, could I? It took a few of days of isolation and slow introduction, but soon she and the dogs were cool with each other and playing like kids do. I admit..I payed a lot of attention to her for the four days I was off work and when I came home that first night, after going back to the job, she saw me, stood up on her hind legs and reached up for me, like a little kid! For the first couple of weeks, (no one ever claimed her) she followed me like a puppy dog, licked my face and let me hand feed her. (she still likes that ). It was amazing! That is why I call her Gracie. What can I say? She is now a part of our family, curling up next to Buddy, to sleep with me every night. I am such a wuss!!

Anyway, though hard to capture, here she is: Amazing Gracie........................................

By the way, Maggie Mae, my other cat, tolerates her to a point, but Gracie loves her anyway. LOL


Jenn said...

awwwww how cute!

Creative Mish said...

She is beautiful! No wonder the rest of the kids are jealous!

Sandee said...

She's precious. She can come live with me :)