Thursday, January 3, 2008

Breakfast at the Green T

Mary Hell (baby sister) called me a few nights ago just to chat and, to have me read my latest blog (she does not do computers, but I will change that!) which happened to be my "Ain't Love Grand" tale. Of course this brought back memories of old school mates who became "True Loves" and our ability or inability to attract these studs in our youth. This chatting led us to a time, much later in our lives, when we were in our mid to late thirties.

Mary Hell was married (still) to Bill, while Dolores and I had reverted back to the single life. I was living in Boise at that time.......Mary and Dolores in Pocatello. This particular week I had a four-day weekend off so I decided to make the drive to Poky to see my Mom and siblings.

On Saturday, the Clone, Mary, Bill and I were sitting at Mary's table visiting, laughing, and reminiscing about various and sundry things in our lives, when Bill made some smart-ass remark about us women being "over-the-hill". This instantly made our hackles stand on end as we reminded him that our charm, wit and personalities were just beginning to bloom! Bill, not willing to hear any good reasoning in what we were trying to convince him of, made a challenging statement, leaving us with no choice but to prove him wrong..............."If you girls can't go out, do a little dancing, have a few drinks and hustle up a free breakfast at closing time, you aren't worth a damn." I said, "I take umbrage at that remark", as the Clone and Mary Hell joined in to defend our honor and femininity. "OK", he said, "I'll bet you can't do it."

"Girls, we're going to the Green T", Mary said. "We'll show this MCP, that we are still bee-u-ti-if-amous!" None of us was willing to take this abuse, so we headed for the bathroom to put on our most gorgeous faces, perfect our "do's", change clothes , and put on our dancin' shoes. The bet was on!

A couple of hours later, we arrived at the Green T, the local hot-spot for dancing, drinking and trolling. Now mind you, this was a challenge! Here we were, the Sistys Ugler, competing with twenty -year -olds, flaunting the bodies that go with their glorious youth. Even so, we were determined to hustle-up that "after-the-bar-closes" breakfast, which the restaurant side of the T was famous for. The T had been around for as long as I could remember, nothing ever changing but the music of the current generation, which happened to be country-western at that time. While the three of us were among the "elders" in the crowd (and it was a big crowd), we were not ignored. Since we all love to dance, our charm, wit, and personality kept us going, swinging around the floor for the next three hours. We were beyond the stage of life when the gorgeous girls, stand around with that "I'm too sexy for my pants" attitude, waiting for the perfect 10 to sweep them off their feet. We were there to have fun and it showed. Boys, young enough to be our sons, or men, old enough to be our father, were leading us onto that floor, offering to buy us drinks, or just stopping at our table to chat. All that fun we were enjoying had almost made us forget our goal for the evening.............the breakfast.

Then it happened, the right one came along! We had seen him standing at the bar most of the evening, sipping on a tall Bud. Dressed in the required skin-tight Wranglers, western shirt and boots, he wasn't painful to observe, but didn't appear to a fun-seeker like most of the boys in attendance that night. About 45 minutes before closing time, we were sitting back at our table, winding down, when this creature walked over, asking if he could join us. Remembering our goal, we all agreed..........then started pouring on the charm! We flirted, we made coy conversation, we created hsyterical remarks which kept us all laughing. Between the three of us, we made this cowboy feel like the only man existing in this universe. Finally, it happened....he asked if we would like to have breakfast with him! In unison, we told him, "We would love to!"

So off we went to the restaurant, triumphant in our success. Oh, we could hardly wait to get home to rub this in Bill's face. We didn't have to wait long...........Bill was sitting in a booth across from us, eager to see the result of his big bet. We ignored him, smiling our most radiant smiles as the Cowboy sat down with us to order. The waitress came, bringing hot coffee along, and asked if we wanted to order now, or wait a few. The Cowboy, taking charge, spoke up and said, "How does ham and eggs sound?" "Perfect", we said, not really caring. Bill, who could obviously hear us, was sitting there in silence, showing no emotion one way or the other. The Sistys Ugler were smug in our triumph until.........................the Cowboy turned to the waitress, as she was leaving, and said, "Put that on one ticket and would you bring three extra plates?"

Bill was laughing out loud (people just thought he was drunk) at the prospect of us getting one breakfast and four plates, but still, we ignored him as we went into one our own hysterical laughing fits. We were NOT losers..........we got breakfast, didn't we? I don't think Cowboy ever figured out what was so funny even as we thanked him for the "bite" of breakfast and graciously said our good-nights as we departed arm-in-arm.

Bill still thinks he won the bet.................................................

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Michelle said...

I went there once with Cindy... years ago! It was full of shit kickers!!...which didn't impress me at the tight butt in wranglers might impress me....kinda like the marlboro man!