Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday



My Receptionist called-in sick. I had to do payroll.

I had no hot coffee to warm me when I got to the office. (my receptionist, who spoils me, called in sick)

The melting snow found a leak in the roof of the store, collecting in a place just over the coin counter in the bookkeepers room. The ceiling tile collected the water until it burst. The water fried the coin counter.

The pump, on the washing machine we use at work, died. The washer was full of dirty cleaning rags, soap and water.

The Division VP came to town. The store was trashed (the shelves weren't as full as they should be) after three days of unexpectedly high sales, and the grocery order writer forgot to order several critical sections, adding to the problem. Guess whose fault it was? Yeah, I know......that's why I make the big bucks.

I learned that one of my employees is homeless and hadn't had any food for two days. This is just WRONG in today's world.

When the day finally ended and I arrived home, I went to my bedroom, took off my work pants, walked into the dark bathroom to get my flannel jammie bottoms, and...........stepped on a pile of dog poop!

Whew! Venting feels great! And I didn't even have to raise my voice to do it. Thanks for listening.

There was one good thing about my Monday.........I was still wearing socks when I had the meeting with the dog poop. Somebody up there does love me. :)


Sandee said...

I've had those days only mine start with the slimy hairballs and no socks! Gross!!!!! Somebody down here loves you too! ME!

Michelle said...

Sounds like it can only get better!!

Sherry said...

Sorry I contributed to the start of your bad Monday.At least you realize I spoil you :-)