Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

For the first time in weeks, the sun is popping through my window, putting a (usually annoying) glare onto the screen of my laptop. Today I am loving it. I'd almost forgotten how blue the sky can be up here in the North forty. The remaining snow is glistening against the backdrop of the forested hills behind my house and I feel like I've come out of a dark, damp cave. It's exhilarating!

This is more than I could have hoped for to begin the week, but my Assistant Manager, Rob just called to tell me that we had broken our all time high sales record for last week's sales! A million fifty-four thousand dollars, from a little Mom and Pop grocer on the corner who was never, in this lifetime, ever expected to produce more than $575-600 thousand in a week. We are kickin' ass! It has to be because I am so damn good-lookin' and full of charm, wit and personality. Yeah, right!! More likely, it's the thousands of students at the University of Idaho and, Washington State University eight miles to the West in Pullman, WA. who can drink enough beer and eat enough frozen pizza to fill one of their stadiums to the top. And, of course the families who live and work year round, in Moscow, Pullman and all the small commumities everywhere here on the Palouse. I also must add, an awesome staff, who work their collective butts off to make it all happen. Thanks, to the good Lord, who created eating machines, so that I can live the lifestyle to which I've become accustomed! :)

This can only be the sign of fabulous times to come in this new year. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, indeed!!

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Michelle said...

Whoo HOO!!! That is fabulous!!