Monday, January 7, 2008

Politics-they ain't what they used to be!

Until President Kennedy, I didn't give a damn about politics. After all, I was a high school student who had more important things to think about.... like falling in love every few months, making good grades while working at the A&W and..... falling in love every few months, like wondering if my face would ever grow out to meet the end of what I imagined to be the biggest nose ever bestowed upon any human being. Like the latest fashion to wear, where to go to have fun, who was who, in the world of high school students, like getting permission to attend the Friday night movies or games so that I could find someone to fall in love with every few months.

Then it happened.........John Kennedy came along, charming even a busy high school girl like me. He was wealthy, young, handsome, had a beautiful wife and the Boston accent was sooooo appealing. I would read about him in the newspaper, watch him on television and listen to every word he said as if he were some kind of god who wanted to save the world. Of course, I wasn't sophisticated or educated enough to truly understand the implications of his speeches, but he gave birth to my interest in the political world. Not understanding the stigmas he carried with him, of being a Roman Catholic and "too young", in the opinion of many, I had no doubt in my heart or mind that he would be the next President of these United States of America.

In those days, it was non -stop coverage on Election Day and as soon as I was home from school, I was seated in front of the TV, waiting for the thrill of victory for this charismatic man. And thrilling it was, my only disappointment being that I was too young to cast my own vote for him.
I can't honestly say that politics was at the forefront of my life after this election, but the seed was sewn in me to have an opinion on various issues or candidates. Over the next forty years, I formed a lot of opinions and was never afraid to express them. Living life and getting the education forced upon me by that very living, caused me to change my opinions at times but my belief in this country and pride at being an American kept me interested enough it her political system to lend my hand at stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, or placing campaign signs for various candidates or issues. And, I've never missed my right, and privilege to vote.

Unfortunately, the system has become more and more corrupt and unbelievable with each passing year. We are no longer "One Nation, Under God" ( the "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance when I was in grade school) but one nation under the influence of greedy, corrupt, immoral politicians who don't give a damn about his or her constituents, but only his/her "what's in it for me" mentality.

I love this country. All three of my brothers served Her in the Armed Forces. (One resulting in a 100% disability, service related) My oldest brother, now gone, and my baby sister both served terms in the Idaho State House and Senate. It is heartbreaking to see today's so-called "leaders", fighting like high-school girls, trying to win the heart of the football Captain. WHAT ABOUT AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE? Where do we fit in with their name-calling and mud slinging, along with their ass-kissing of foreign nations and global Corporate Giants.

And, what is this African, Mexican, Asian, Hispanic-American bullshit? Let's I Scotch American or Scotch/English American or Scotch/English/Germain-American? I do have the blood of all three running through my veins and, my kids......add some Swedish and Norwegian. Then there is the Portugese in the Grandkids. Imagine them having to say all of that when asked about their nationality. Ridiculous, huh? I don't give a rat's ass where our roots came from, we are plain and simply Americans. Unless we accept this fact with great pride and patriotism, forgetting this hyphenated crap, Conservative/Liberal crap, Democrat/Republican crap and Left/Right crap, we will not have "One Nation, Under God, Indivisable", we will end up like poor old Humpty, Dumpty and the fall will be so great that we might as well bend over and kiss our butts goodbye.

Remember what John Kennedy said many years ago. "Ask not what your Country can do for you", but ask, "What can I do for my Country?". Let us all demand that we get our Country back by starting in the voting booth, changing the face of Congress and the lifelong careers so many have come to enjoy. Let us start with "fresh" and get rid of the "rot" that is threatening the very freedoms we still enjoy. Let us make the news "good" again by refusing to buy into the sensationalism shoved down our throats by so-called news anchors who are just another version of Jerry Springer journalism.

There are still real Statesmen and Walter Cronkite journalists out there in this country. We CAN make them fashionable again...................but we, the people, have to insist!

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.