Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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The cake begins to take shape

I had cut Mary H's hair and Bill had arrived from Winco. Now it was time for the great Chef to put it all together. First thing was to cook the filling for the German chocolate cake. Pecans, coconut, lots of butter, cream and sugar cooked to perfection, then a generous portion spread between the layers and onto the top. Yummy!!


The first coat of icing

Butter, powdered sugar, cocoa, vanilla (the real stuff) and a little cream went into the Kitchen Aid mixer and blended to just the right thickness and texture to suit Mary Hell. She is in real life, (if there is such a thing,) an award winning Pastry Chef, very fussy about the quality of ingredients used in her baking.

Then she got out a pastry tube, applied the perfect tip, filled it with the icing, pressing out all the air and went to work:


And worked some more:The butter cream chocolate icing, doing what Mary H tells it to do

I swear, I only stuck my finger in the icing bowl three or four times and no, I didn't lick the bowl.
Mary H's hands work quickly, guiding that pastry tube up and down and around that cake, never wavering in her duty. In about five minutes time the creation was complete, patiently waiting for the minute I would do the honorable thing, though difficult, and fill that last space in my tummy with this disgusting filth. Life is hard, I tell ya! But before that, I would have to indulge in some of the goodies I will show you next time. With that, may I present you with the final result:

The finished top

Ten million calories, patiently waiting to join my hips



Jenn said...

Yum! Looks amazingly delicious!

Michelle said...

MMM this looks fabulous!!!