Friday, March 7, 2008

It's the last day

In a few short hours, at midnight, my sixty-second year will come to a close and I will begin my sixty-third year of living. So far, the trip has been fairly good. I've had a few bumps along the way but mostly, it's been a pretty smooth ride.

I have had a broken heart (more than once), broken bones, (more than once), broken dreams: married and divorced after twenty years, married and divorced again, after a minute. (yes, I said a minute): experienced the deaths of both parents, a brother, a sister, my first great-granddaughter, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, good friends, in-laws and outlaws: lost two jobs, I loved, due to "downsizing": been broke ($0), been broken, known disappointment and been discouraged at times, all of this adding to the tapestry of my life.

Better yet, I was raised, with my seven brothers and sisters, by a very loving, hard-working, and intelligent mother, grew up with lots of friends and fun, was born in Idaho, USA, (what could be better than that), attended great schools with great teachers, have never been unable to find a good job, have four great kids, six wonderful grand kids, sons-in-law who are awesome, a fabulous little great-grandson, an interesting life partner, a dream job, an almost new vehicle, a very comfortable home, money in the bank, my independence and free will, health insurance, a good retirement fund, my brain still functions with some clarity, and finally I'm still alive and kickin', thanks to pretty good health. What more could a girl ask for, except maybe another twenty or more years to explore life and a diet that works.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and to make it even better, I have the next five days off! What am I going to do, you ask. Well, I've had this great urge to enjoy some hysterical laughter, maybe a little mischief, and some fabulous food. Therefore, I am driving to Pasco, WA to see my sister, MaryHell, who will provide all of the above. Her daughter, Sis, is having a birthday on the 10Th, so MaryHell is creating a party for both of us. My niece, Karen, whom I haven't seen for nearly three years, will be there too. Let me tell ya, she is a kick in the pants, so it will definitely be a few days of merriment for all. I plan to take my camera along, so maybe when I'm back, I'll have some pictures and stories to share, That is, if all goes well and the river don't rise. Until next week............................


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday!!

I have a blog now, so you can catch up on all the Carter pictures!

Michelle said...

How is the visiting going????
Are you giving everyone hugs and kisses for me??