Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Boy, was I embarrassed!

Shy Whistler Ever had one of those excruciatingly embarrassing moments? I had a DOOZY today.

As I have stated previously, I know just enough about computing to be slightly dangerous. Keep this in mind as I continue with this confession

Near the end of the day, I was in my office preparing to type a document in Word. I set my font style, etc, then began entering text. There appeared to be a problem when, after each word I typed, a dot would appear. "What the heck is that?", I thought as I was pushing every button I could see, trying to make them go away. I deleted the words, tried again with the same result. Hmmm. OK, I thought, I'll just exit without saving, then try in a new page. Didn't work.

I decided that before I blew the thing up, I would call one of my college students up to my office to help, knowing they were raised on computers. I erased the text as I was talking to Wayne, who said he would be up shortly. It occurred to me I should have something to show him when he arrived , so I started typing again.

Bear with me as I regress a little. When I was in Junior High, I enrolled in Typing I, which I later hated because it was sooooo boring. One of our practice exercises was to repeatedly type a particular, required sentence. The purpose of this particular sentence was to force us to use all fingers, on both hands, and the correct keys for each finger. In addition, we would hopefully, learn to type by feel, rather than looking at the keys. OK, back to today's typing experience.

For some unknown reason, my fingers remembered that sentence. I had typed a few words when the Buckman, my Assistant, came into my office, walking up behind my chair to ask a question. I quit typing, turning to face him. He started saying something when he suddenly stopped, a devilish grin appearing on his face, and said, "WHAT the hell are you writing about?" Puzzled, I turned back to my screen to see what he was seeing.

Now is the time for all good men to come, it read.

"Oh, my gawd!", I thought, as I spoke the remaining words of the sentence to him and, feeling the hot flushing of my cheeks. He waved his hand at me with an "I can't deal with this right now." motion. He left in a hurry, trying to hide his laughter, holding his mouth with his hand.

With lightning speed, I completed the the aid of his countrymen... just as Wayne walked into the office

Wayne found the problem, fixed it, then showed me the whys and wheres. At least I did learn something new about the computer.

I am certain, that before the day ends tomorrow, somewhere in those secret places of the store where the "boys" meet to talk their Man Talk, my embarrassing moment will be the topic of discussion and creator of much laughter. However, I will hold my head high, pretending nothing happened, when each one I meet throughout the day, will undoubtedly give me that devilish, raised eyebrow look as they greet me.

Wish I could find a blusher of the same color my cheeks wore today. It was sooo natural looking. Ain't life grand.............................................................


Michelle said...

Good One!! LOL!!!

Sandee said...

This is too funny. What a great bunch of guys you have working for you :) What was the deal with the dots anyway?