Monday, March 3, 2008

My Big Brother

While rumaging through some old papers, I ran across the 2001 newspaper clipping of my brother Bob's obituary. It brought back many years of memories of his life to me. Stories too numerous to tell so I will post here, some of those memories.


  • He was an unmerciful tease
  • He was loving and kind

  • He was handsome and charming

  • He was a gentleman to everyone

  • He loved every family member unconditionally

  • He was the first and last person who ever spanked my butt, and I deserved it

  • He gave me twenty bucks for getting straight "A's" on one of my report cards. It was like getting a million dollars in 1957

  • He was "Uncle Bob" to every little kid he met

  • He loved kids!

  • Women loved him-a "there's something about him" type of guy

  • He loved and honored his Mother until the day he died

  • He was generous to a fault

  • He bought me the first "restaurant" meal of my life, when I was ten

  • He believed in the rights of the "working" man and spent his adult life working to improve them

  • He preached, to his younger siblings, the value of an honest days work

  • He was a Father figure in my life

  • He was the first one there the day I broke my leg

  • He was at the hospital when each of my babies were born

  • He let me take his precious 55 Caddie cruzin' when I was in High School

  • He owned and drove a Harley in his youth

  • He loved to dance, especially with my Mom

  • He served as an Idaho State Senator

  • He attended the Harvard School of Labor Relations

  • He served as director of the Idaho State Department of Labor and Industrial Services

  • He served as President of the AFL-CIO for the State of Idaho

  • He was director of the International Union of the Operating Engineers, serving 11 Western states

  • He served as a consultant in the Idaho, Utah and Montana Legislatures

  • He loved to fish, hunt and camp with his family

  • He was happiest when he was at our large family gatherings

  • He loved to build things, always having a project going

  • He had a great sense of humor and loved telling funny stories

  • He had no patience for laziness

  • He spoiled his wife, kids, and grandkids

  • He would give anyone in need the shirt off his back

  • He saved my ass when I needed it most-I didn't ask, he just "knew" I needed help

  • He underwent open heart surgery at least three times, the last with a zero chance of survival. He survived for another twelve years. The Heart Specialist in Salt Lake called him the "Miracle Man"

  • He died too soon at the age of 67

  • His family and friends still love him and he is sorely missed

Bobby, you were the best brother a girl could have! I'll see you at the old fishin' hole..........someday.


Michelle said...

I have many fond memories of Uncle Bob!

Anonymous said...

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