Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love My Sisters

When I called the Clone (Dewe) to tell her the sad new about my best friend Suz, she offered MaryHell and me her home as our Bed and Breakfast while there, suggesting that she call our sister Lois (Phyllis), who lives in Pocatello, to come and join us. I was so grateful to have my three living sisters there for support during this very difficult time. They made the days easier to bare in so many ways.

It had been at least three years since the four of us were all together, the last time being for the burial of our oldest sister Carol. And here we were again, for another sad occasion. Despite this, we managed to have a wonderful time together. Dolores waited on us hand and foot, cooking wonderful meals and doing laundry for us like we were someone special.

We laughed and we cried, we reminisced, poked fun at each other, instigated some mischief, we napped and watched movies and TV, discussed politics, gossiped, caught up on the lives and times of seldom seen family members, did a little shopping (we couldn't help ourselves) and sometimes just sat in silence, enjoying the company of each other without words.

It was hard to leave at the end of the week, but every minute was precious to me, being with my sisters. I'm thankful for the gift of their company that week.

I love my Sisties Ugler!!


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Michelle said...

What a great picture of the sisties Ugler!!