Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weird Things Work!

On Friday morning, after the passing of my beloved friend Suz, it was time for MaryHell and me to hit the road for home, both having to get back to our jobs. Though we hated to leave our sisters, Lois and Dolores, it was time to get on with life. The morning was hectic as we packed our bags into to the car, stopped at the gas station to fill the tank, and then hit the road. On our way out of town, we decided to stop by the Nampa City cemetery to visit our Aunt Lola after calling then city for the correct section and plot number. Since several years had passed since our last visit, we were still lost, even with the information the clerk had given us. We gave up looking and found the Sexton who then directed us to her resting place. By the time we found her and paid our respects, over an hour had passed, so we were a little behind getting onto I84 and heading for Washington. I'm glad we stopped though.

I'd had a little bit of a sore throat that morning, but nothing to worry about, so I thought. by the time we arrived in Pasco, I was feeling pretty punk so I decided to stay the night and leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning for Moscow. On Saturday morning my throat was so sore I could not swallow even water without great difficulty. I decided I'd better go to a Quick Care and see a doctor. Mary took me to a place near her home but they were so busy that after two hours of waiting, being told it could be another two hours and my throat getting worse by the minute, we left for another place in Richland. After another hour's wait, I was finally able to see a Doctor who congratulated me for having a raging case of strep throat. He had the Nurse give me a potent shot of long-acting (six weeks) penicillin and sent me on my way. I dropped Mary back at her house and hit the road for Moscow, getting home around four that afternoon.
I went promptly to bed, miserable and waiting for the penicillin to do it's job.

SicklyI DON'T FEEL WELL.................

On Sunday, I went to work, staying away from everyone as much as possible, spending the day catching up all the "paper" work from the previous week. I could not eat or drink. Again, I went home and promptly to bed, spending a sleepless and miserable night. On Monday morning, I called-in sick, took a quick shower and headed for the Doctor again because my throat was getting worse. The doctor gave me a prescription for more antibiotic and told me to stay in bed through Thursday. It was a major feat just to swallow those two pills every morning and I could not eat a thing or barely stand to drink any fluids, which I knew I needed.

On Friday, I went back to work, feeling a little better, but still having difficulty eating or drinking. Yesterday, Wednesday, I went back to the doctor because my ear was aching any my throat still hurt more than I felt it should and I had finished my ten days of antibiotics. She checked out my throat and told me that while the strep was gone, I apparently have some kind of infection going on with my sinus cavities which is causing the irritation and swelling of my adenoids. She put me on a four week regiment of the very potent drug, Augmenton. It has helped, but the pain was still hard to take today.

This afternoon, one of my employees noticed me holding my throat, asking me, "Does your throat still hurt"? I answered, "Yes." She then asked if she could rub my hands and I said sure, why not. She took my right hand, telling me that I felt very congested as she started massaging it. After about a minute, she asked how it felt compare to my left hand and I had to tell her that it felt much more relaxed. She then did the same massage to my left hand which made me feel less tense all over. Before an hour had passed, my throat felt much, much better. It was amazing! Later, I went to her work station and thanked her for the help, telling her that if she would do this for me every day, I would soon feel like a twenty year old. I don't know what happened there, but hours later, I still feel much better and though a little soreness still remains in my throat, the ear ache is completely gone and I think I'm going to live.

Weird, but it worked for me. I will be looking farther into this with her. But just in case, I will continue with my meds to make sure the infection doesn't rear it's ugly head into a raging roar again. Life is GOOD!! Wahoo...................................................

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Michelle said...

I had a lady at the gym do something similar to me. I had a bad headache. She rubbed her hands together causing a warmth and friction. She didn't touch my head but she moved around my head with her hands while rubbing them. Something about pulling the bad energy from my head. It took about 5 minutes and my headache was gone. It was an all day headache by the time I found her!