Thursday, May 1, 2008


Candy Apple Red Brown Multicolor Blue Pink Orange Forest Bubblegum

I wuz just thinkin' (could be dangerous)
Ain't Life simply grand?
We all came here with our own distinct brand.

Some of us are beauties,
Some of us are not,
And then there's always someone
Who wants wants what WE got?

Some of us gots brains,
Some of us gots wits,
Many of us thinks
What we gots is the shits!

We're tall or maybe short
Or we're somewhere in between.
Some of us be fat,
Some of us be lean.

Some of us be onery,
Some of us be sweet,
Some of us be sloppy,
Some of us be neat.

The differences in people
Are as numbered as the stars,
Nearly as many
As sleazy beer bars.

The good Lord, He must laugh
As He's making every one,
To Him it ain't workin'
It's just havin' fun.

Well, I am surely happy
That he made me 'n you
Cuz, the bestest people livin'
Would be way too few!


Michelle said...

You're Silly!

Sandee said...

Love the poem. I wish I had your writing talents!