Monday, May 5, 2008

Whatever Happned to..........

Off The Rack Dressing Room Whatever happened to American made clothing?

At the end of this month, I have a Manager's meeting to attend. The destination is a surprise but I was able to find out that it will be dressy/casual. Whatever that means! So, as the time draws near, I am looking for something new and fashionable to wear. The problem is that my sources to shop are very limited in Moscow, ID and, most importantly: I AIN'T A SIZE FOUR COLLEGE COED, FOR GAWD'S SAKE!

Have clothes buyers in this country gone completely nuts? Do they really think a woman of sixty-three with a little extra flesh on her bones will look good in some gawd awful baby doll blouse fashioned (?) from some butt ugly printed fabric reminiscent of an old hippie's drug induced dreams. And the pants? Even the size fours of the world don't look good in pair of pants with a two inch zipper revealing belly buttons and butt cleavage.

I want classic!! Beautifully tailored, sharp creased pants that are actually long enough in the crotch to go up and over my Ronald Regan stomach, (jelly belly) and legs just wide enough to make my short legs look longer and slimmer; blouses or tops with a youthful look, yet tailored to look fashionable and classy. I love color but anything designed for a "mature" woman is ruined by adding all this crayon colored embroidery that screams out old, old, old. Or, they have the nerve to make anything that might fit me out some damn knit fabric that shows every cottage cheese dimple on my butt, along with the rolls that have accumulated around my ribs and waist over the years. Yeah, I know; I could buy some Spanx under garments to smooth myself out but who on God's earth can afford to pay sixty bucks for a couple of pair of panties! (QVC)

And sizing. When did a size ten become size two? Or, in what's available in my neck of the woods, when did a size ten become a size eighteen. Even worse; why, if you buy black, you wear a fourteen, but the same item in khaki behooves you to buy a sixteen or a twelve?

When did we quit being proud of the "American Made" label with it's consistent quality and sizing standards and start settling for junk, made in some foreign country, that ends up costing more in the long run because it lasts half as long or morphs into something unrecognizable after the first wash. WOMEN OF AMERICA REBEL!!

OK! So I'm done venting. Thanks for listening and may all your shopping experiences be good ones, and come Hell or high water, I will be presentable at the Manager's meeting.

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Michelle said...

I agree! It seems like every store is a different size and fall apart while trying on! When is your trip?