Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things are Looking Up

Ok, so I did a lot of bitchin' about the clothes available to me when I posted last time. Well I found an online source, TravelSmith, thats has some decent looking, up-to-date clothes. This little tunic struck my fancy, so I ordered it. I think it is befitting a mini queen size great grandmother, don't you? The blue background is really more a Royal blue than it looks here and it has a slight baby doll look with the empire waist and criss-cross V neckline, gathered under the bust line. Fabric wise, it is a lightweight crinkle cotton. The white you see at the V and on the tiny cuffs is a soft cotton lace. You can see it close up at Travel Smith, who specialized in clothes for people who travel a lot and need easy care, wrinkle-free clothes. An undisclosed source tells me that my upcoming Manager's Meeting is being held in Vegas! WaHoo! I hope that person is correct. Most of all, I hope this tunic fits! Wish me luck...........

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