Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remembering You

Memorial Day: A day created to remember and honor the men and women of America who have given their lives while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.

I can't give the year when this day was first observed but I know that it has been a special day in my life as far back as I can remember. We, like most families when I was a child, were poor so when we would arrive at the Cemetery to honor our family and friends, as well as the Veterans, we would have arms full of lilacs and peonies, picked from our own yard or that of a friend's or neighbor's. They were layed with love at the graves we visited. The Cemetery in Pocatello, Idaho is very beautiful and serene; the roadways around the sections are lines with tall, majestic shade trees, each section planted with pines, shrubs and various flowers. As you pass through the arched gates at the main entrance you pass a beautiful stone chapel, then on to the manicured lawns of the resting places. On Memorial Days long past, we would view a sea of lilacs and peonies, their fragrance filling the air, as we drove to the places where we would honor our family and friends.

I have not lived in Pocatello since 1960, but I still love that cemetery and the memories of family and friends resting there; the parades and picnics that took place on that special day to honor and celebrate all those who had passed on to a better life.

Today, I honor my family and friends who have passed:

Beth Kinghorn - Mom
Clyde Kinghorn - Dad
Alexander Kinghorn -  Grandfather
Molly Kinghorn -  Grandmother
William Spillman -  Grandfather
Violet Spillman -  Grandmother
Robert Kinghorn -  Brother
Carol Andreason -  Sister
Lois Norton - Sister
David Kinghorn - Brother
Sharon Andreason - Infant niece
Dave Andreason - Brother-in-law
Sharon Kinghorn - Sister-in-law
John L Norton - Brother-in-law
Walt Nelson - Brother-in-law
Tom Divine - Brother-in-law
Speed & Meryl Lloyd - My sister Mary's in-laws
Lucien Marchand - Family friend
Beatrice Knowles - Mom's best friend
Maxcine Turman - My very, very good friend
Archie Waddoups - Father of my children
Rachel, Orba, Becky, Marva - Sisters-in-law
Ed, Andy, Leon, Rex, Enos -  Brothers-in-law
Tom & Janie Davis - Eric, Janelle & Ashley's (my grand kids) Grandparents

This list could go on and on but I will end it with two more never-to-be-forgotten people who have touched my life:

Cailin Marie Davis - My first Great-granddaughter
Suzanne Allen - My best friend ever and sister of my soul.