Friday, May 20, 2011


I was just thinking, which can be dangerous in my case, and had an epiphany about colors.  Our lives are filled with color; not just what we see with our eyes, but the colors of emotion and feeling too.  "I'm feeling blue today", or " Today is blue skies and sunshine; I'm feelin' it!"  Sometimes we are green with envy or maybe the thought of eating onions make us turn green from nausea.  What about the man who is red-faced with anger or the sweet innocent girl who is red-faced with embarrassment when given an unexpected compliment. Certainly, we can't forget the times when we or someone we know or work with was in an unexplainable black mood.
 We are white, or black, or yellow, or red and all shades in between; colors assigned to us by someone long ago in history to set us apart according to our country of origin, cultural habits, parents or a mixture of all. Our lives are filled with colorful people, animals, places and things, all making up the tapestry of humanity.  Whether we realize it or not, every day of our life adds our own tone to that tapestry, until one day you wake up, look in the mirror and find......
A person staring back at you with a head full of white hair.  You ask yourself, "When did this happen"? Then you realize it is the result of living in a colorful world full of colorful people; experience and adventure, both bright and dark.  You have drank in the colors of nature everywhere you have been, the color of moods from every person you have known, the color combinations you have created to make your life unique... in your dress, your home, your speech, your relationships.
These thoughts about color, and many more, have made me realize that white is the combination of every color ever imagined.  With that in mind, I must come to the conclusion that this head of white hair I stare at every day in the mirror, tells me that I have crammed a lot of color into my sixty-six years, and...if all goes well it will get even whiter still.  Or, if you are one of those folks who detest that 'white' hair, rather than try to cover it up with some imitation color...think of it as God's 'highlights' and that in the end it turns out that 'silver' is indeed more precious than gold.  After all, it took you a lifetime of colorful living to create it.

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Creative Mish said...

It's good to have a lot of color in our lives. Well said :)