Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sadness and Celebration

Today is April 7th, the day Suz, my best friend ever, was born. One year ago today, she passed from this world. Today I celebrate both her birth and her death. Her birth because it brought her into my life at the most perfect time for both of us, giving birth to a wonderful and lasting friendship and an enduring love for one another; her death because it took her into a perfect environment where I know she is young again, she is with family and friends, she knows no pain, she is filled with joy, and is embraced by her Father and Creator, with a perfect and non-judgemental love and, Who also celebrates her return to her real home where time has no meaning, love has no end and every moment is perfect. My comfort is in knowing, without a doubt, that the friendship and love we share, will continue forever and that she will be there, waiting with my family, to greet me when my time comes; probably with a hot cup of coffee in hand, blue eyes sparkling and a great big grin on her fabulous face. The thought of that happy moment brings tears to my eyes and fills me with joy and anticipation.

There is also sadness in my heart today; sadness for the friendship I miss so much in this life. I think of Suz so often which always causes a lump to well up in my throat and brings an empty ache into my heart. Being sad is not necessarily a bad thing, for I know in my heart, that it draws the attention of those loved ones who have gone before, letting them know that our love for them is alive and well. Sadness is not grief nor is it depression. Sadness is an expression of love and caring.

Suz...today I celebrate your eternal life and am sad because I love you and miss you.
So here's to you my friend and soul sister.........until we meet again.

Love you forever,


Michelle said...

Thank you for remembering her Dorothy. As usual your words are beautiful and bring comfort to my heart. Love you.

Chris H. said...

Thanks for the kind words Dort... I've been thinking about her a lot too.

-Chris Hartman