Sunday, March 22, 2009

Treasures From My 'Creative Treasure'

1961...I was madly in love. March, 1962...the first of the fruits of that love came into my life, namely my lovely daughter Michelle. Like all Mothers, I fell in love instantly with this little bald headed, blue eyed beauty. It's hard to believe; that beautiful day in March was forty-seven years ago! In the jewelry box of life, I have stuffed all the priceless treasures which mean so much to me. Michelle is certainly a contributor to that box; in honor of her birthday this month, I would like to share a few of the tangible treasures she has added to my life.

The first two pictures were created by a very young Michelle from rocks, glue, paint and and imagination that never stops creating, to this day. The others are a drop in the bucket of what she has given to me and the world.
Hope you enjoy and join me in wishing Michelle a very happy and joy filled 47th year.

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Creative Mish said...

Thanks :) Blushing! It looks like you have quite the collection!