Sunday, June 1, 2008

It Stayed in Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? There's no doubt about that! I left 'em plenty of my hard earned Idaho bucks. I'm sure they love people like me who don't know when to quit, but oh well.........I had a good time losing my shorts.

The meeting was short, sweet and informative; the food was excellent (I experienced my first taste of caviar) and it was good to see and visit with so many people I've worked with over the eighteen years I've worked for Winco.

We had a veeeery interesting speaker for the first part of our Manager's meeting. He called himself a Mentalist. And that he was! I watched him bend and twist a spoon with his mind, and the usual card number thing but the most fascinating was how he came up with the names of wives, husbands, kids, driver's license numbers, birth dates, etc from members of the audience. Every thing he came up with as 100% accurate, in every case. It was incredible. The majority of this came from just talking to these people and asking questions. A few answers came from things he had people write on a piece of paper. He randomly chose us to participate. My experience was him coming to my table and asking me to come up to the podium to participate.
He asked me why I thought he chose me and I said, "Because I'm so damn beautiful?" He said it was because I was the only person in the room who didn't look at him when he said he was coming down to get a participant. Lesson learned: don't avoid. Anyway, he asked me to think of a time of day anytime in my life that meant something special to me. It only took a few seconds to think of 10:30 AM, when Mom passed away. I remember it so well, not only because I was at her side, but because the Hospice nurse had told me and my siblings early that morning that her death would come about 10:30. She was totally accurate.

He asked whether I had a time in mind, which of course, I did. He then asked me to write it down on a piece of paper he had given me. He showed the audience that the paper was blank on both sides, handed it to me, turning his back as I wrote the time down. I then folded the paper in four, telling him I was finished. I kept the paper in my hand while he asked a few questions such as: "Was this during the day?" And, "Was this an important event in your life?" He told me to think of this time while he looked into my eyes for a few seconds. He then walked over to his table and picked up a small blackboard, which I had seen him write on before the meeting started, then put it face down on the table. I did not see what he wrote. When he picked it up, showing it to me and the audience, it had 10:30 written on it! He then asked me if it was the correct time and what the significance was to me. It was mind blowing. No one in that room could know that information, except me. I was impressed, as was everyone there. He told us that we all have that ability if we work at it and also that he wasn't allowed to gamble in the casinos! LOL

After dinner that evening, we went to a show in the Mirage Love theater. It was "The Beatle's LOVE", by Cirque du Soleil. It was a tribute to the music of the Beatles. The music, costumes, lighting, props and acrobatics were fabulous but it was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life. I'm still shaking my head trying to figure out what it all meant. Don't get me wrong, I love fantasy, science fiction and all that stuff but this was downright weird. Guess my imagination was on hold for that one.

As for all my worrying about what to wear: I could have worn a potato sack and no one would have noticed. It was Vegas for Heaven's sake! I bought at least four new outfits and ended up taking jeans and tops for days one and three and wore a more business-like pair of slacks, shirt and jacket I had worn to another meeting last year. All I did was turn the jacket inside out after I discovered it was a two-way job and TaDa!, a new outfit. No one knew but me, nor did they care. I've got a couple of sacks of stuff going back to Macy's this week. They'll probably hate me but I really don't need more clothes that I never wear. Forever in blue jeans!! That's me.

My pocket book is much lighter and I was very tired from spending long hours in the casino, but all in all I had a wonderful get-away for a few days. Tomorrow..back to the grind.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you had fun. Those Cirque du Soleil performaces are kind of bazaar but entertaining. We seen Mystère.