Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • Yesterday, June 10th, it SNOWED for about four hours here on the beautiful Idaho Palouse. I had to dig out a Winter coat, for heaven's sake. After work, I decided to try pulling some of the millions of weeds in my flower beds. With the ground being as wet as it is, they came out easily, but as it turned out, it was like trying to write fast enough to keep track of the gas milage on a mega-guzzler SUV. I couldn't pull fast enough to beat the little buggers from popping their ugly heads through the soil behind, I quit in frustration.
  • Looking through applications to fill positions at the store, I sometimes wonder what the hell happened to teaching spelling, grammer or even reading, in our schools these days. And, I sometimes wonder whether we really do have ET's among us. For example: question on the app: Have you ever been arrested for anything other than a traffic violation? (can't have a convicted embezzler, etc., handling large amounts of cash, ya know) Answer on one application: 'possible child abuse, mister miner'. (misdemeaner?) You tell me. Question: What skills do have that that you feel are related to this position? Answer: 'fore cliff'. Did he mean forklift? Here's another great one on a Work Comp log kept by the Secretary, prior to me, of a company I worked for years ago: Describe how the injury occurred. The Secretary wrote: was hit in the "growing" with a 2x4. (this company dealt with lumber products) Did she mean groin? I've often wondered. Finally, Question: Who referred you to this job? Answer: 'The sign at the entrance and my mother (deceased)' She speaks to the dead? And, from the same app: Why did you leave your last job? 'fired for incompetence'. (she was self employed) Why would you tell a potential employer that??

Sometimes I question my own belief that we are all a part of a God who experiences Him/Her/It's self through each one of us and what we create in our lives. But who am I to judge anyone, anyway? Life does make for interesting thinking, doesn't it? TaDa for now.

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Michelle said...

Thanks! I needed a good laugh tonight!