Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little Trip

I get lonely for family. However, my kids and grand kids live too far away (a 6 1/2 hour trip if it's non-stop) so this weekend I decided to go to Pasco (2 1/2 hr) to see MaryHell and to go to the mall for socks, undies and most importantly, to find a dress for Eric and Jenn's wedding in September.

I always stop in Washtucna, WA (about half-way) on my way for a pit stop and water or coke. I did this as usual then went on my way to complete the trip. Arriving at MaryHell's, I pulled up to the front of her house, turned off the key, unbuckled my seatbelt (yes, kids, it's finally become a habit with me) and reached over to get my purse. It wasn't there. I frantically searched the floors and back seat, to no avail. The truth is: the words out of my mouth were something to the tune of "SHIT!!" I knew I had left it at the store in Washtucna because I had to get some cash out to pay for the Sobee Energy drink I had decided sounded good and refreshing.

I gathered my suitcase and went into the house to announce my dilemma to MH and Bill. Mary was on the phone in a flash, calling the Sheriff's department in that county, who in turn called the business and then called me back to let me know it was safely in their keeping. I was relieved because not only did it contain all my credit cards and ID, it also contained the $500 shopping and gas cash I had stopped at the ATM to withdraw before I left Moscow.

MH had invited my niece and a friend over to have lunch for my visit and was in the middle of preparing a wonderful chicken salad for the event. MH, in most cases, wears the pants in the house, so she "ordered" Bill to drive the 75 miles back to Washtucna to retrieve my purse so that we could continue on with the luncheon she had planned. He happily agreed. I think he wanted an excuse not to have to listen to a bunch of women gossip and giggle for a couple of hours so I called the business number the sheriff had given me to let them know that Bill would be coming to pick up my purse. I gave the owner a description of Bill and his full name so that he would feel comfortable in handing the purse over to someone other than me. The purse came back with everything I had left in it, intact. I love honest people!!

After lunch and a good visit, Sis left to take her kids to a movie; MH, Kerry and I decided to go on a tour of homes. Kerry is having a home built so we went to see the model, which was fabulous, then on to other areas of the Tri-Cities to compare, see the trends and get decorating ideas, something we all love doing. What's standard in Idaho, is an upgrade in Washington. Even air conditioning! I don't understand that since Mary lives in Hell's kitchen as far as I'm concerned. 110 degrees and the humidity from the Columbia River make for pretty uncomfortable living conditions, but then, I am not a hot weather person to begin with. By the time we finished our "tour", it was getting late so we headed for the barn where Bill, a very good cook, had a great pork chop dinner waiting for us to enjoy. We then settled down for a good movie, The Bucket List. I loved the movie and the message it brings. And, I have found that I too, want my ashes placed in a no nonsense tin can, but not placed on the top of some high mountain in the Himalayas. A shelf in some closet, or on someones kitchen counter will do just fine. We visited and giggled for a while after the movie, then fell into bed, window wide open (it cools down considerably after dark) for the best night's sleep I've enjoyed for quite some time. Not having four dogs on your head definitely makes a difference.

Sunday would be our shopping adventure........in the meantime: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
More tomorrow.

P.S. I don't know why my fonts are different in some paragraphs, so just consider the source.

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