Saturday, August 16, 2008

August Sixteenth...In My Memories

August 16, 1916
Salt Lake city, Utah

On this day, 92 years ago, a wonderful human being came into this world. She was bright, beautiful and a joy to be around. Her life was difficult, her health was a constant battle but she rarely complained. She married, her senior year of high school, to a young farmer named Clyde. She worked hard as a farmer's wife, cooking, cleaning, running errands; all those tasks required by folks who feed the world. In her spare time she gave birth to eight children, five daughters and three sons. After being widowed at thirty-nine, these children, their children, and even their children, were the great love of her life. She loved unconditionally, she died unconditionally, surrounded by the family who loved her with the same intensity as was shown to each of them throughout her time in this world. At 10:30 AM on September 30, 1994, she opened her bright green eyes with a look of wonder as she sighed her final goodbye to those who loved her so much, and who miss her still, so many years later.

You are in our hearts forever, Mom. We love you and miss you!


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Michelle said...

I remember when she would come to Boise and we would drive to Smiths Food King and get those huge scooped ice cream cones. It would be a warm summer day and the ice cream would be running down her arms but she didn't care. She would be smiling and enjoying it!