Sunday, August 17, 2008

Things About Me You Probably Don't Want To Know

My daughter Michelle posted this same title on her blog Creative Treasures this morning. I don't know whether I can come up with 100 items but my wrists will ache from trying. Here goes...

  1. My mind and body don't cooperate well. Body believes it's sixty-three. Mind believes it's still a spring chicken.
  2. I love to dance; swing to rock n' roll or 'sleaze" (up close and touching) to love songs
  3. I love doo-wop and big band music
  4. I am a good cook when the urge hits
  5. I am a twin; I call her my clone
  6. I am very spiritual but do not believe in organized religion
  7. I am very tender hearted about people
  8. I love people of all cultures
  9. I believe God does not judge and there is no such thing as Hell
  10. I am short; 5'2" on a good day
  11. I love the sound of the ocean; the power is incredible
  12. The smell of fresh baked bread is heaven in my nose
  13. Butter is definitely better
  14. Vanilla ice cream, sliced bananas, chopped walnuts and chocolate syrup. FAVORITE!
  15. The gold in my natural blond hair has turned to silver
  16. My kids have never seen me with long hair; I prefer quick and easy
  17. I've never had a perm nor learned how to use a curling iron
  18. I am a shower person
  19. Freshly shampooed hair and a blow-dryer are my friends
  20. I've worn Maybelline Royal Blue mascara for nearly 40 years
  21. I am fluffy, not fat
  22. I love to read...whether books, newspapers, magazines or on the net
  23. I believe I am likable
  24. I enjoy being a little naughty at times
  25. I can cuss like a trooper when the occasion arises
  26. I love people but am cautious about true friendships
  27. I love and adore my family
  28. I consider my daughters as my best adult friends
  29. I am outgoing but like my "go inside myself" time
  30. I too, like big, hairy men. Nothing sexier than thick chest hair!
  31. I love beautiful clothes but prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts
  32. Fresh tomatoes from the garden, for me, are like caviar to the rich and famous.
  33. I am not a huge meat eater, but I love a rare rib-eye steak.
  34. I have four dogs and a cat. I love them, messes and all.
  35. My dream for retirement is a small house, a beautiful yard and enough money for ice cream
  36. I sing in the shower to drown out the fact that I can't carry a tune in a bucket
  37. I love all the music of ABBA
  38. Sam Elliot is a sexy, sexy man
  39. Soldiers and firemen are my heroes
  40. Laughing makes me feel whole again
  41. Sometimes I talk too much
  42. Patience is a virtue; I forget that on occasion
  43. I am confident, except when I'm not
  44. People feel free to tell me their innermost secrets and fears
  45. I love to work but can no longer do very hard physical jobs. This is frustrating.
  46. My current yard is a discord in the music of my life. I have found it impossible to find help in beautiful downtown Moscow, Idaho.
  47. I wasn't in line when talent was passed out. My kids must have received theirs from their father 'cuz I don't have any!
  48. My kids got their good looks from me, 'cuz their dad didn't have any. Just kidding.
  49. I am (was) a seamstress. Anything from underwear to men's suits. And, I was very good at it.
  50. I love surprises.
  51. I've learned that anger hurts you more than the person you are angry with.
  52. I love the smell of the earth after rain.
  53. I've had bones broken; by accident and on purpose. One hurts no less than the other.
  54. Sleeping well has eluded me for my entire life.
  55. I believe a sense of humor is vital to living, it's inherited from God.
  56. Hugs and kisses are also vital to life.
  57. One of Michelle's favorite quotes is: " Help me to look at other people the way I want God to look at me." (Or, something to that effect) I am eagerly pursuing this counsel.
  58. I am anal about my handwriting. It must be legible. (thank you, Miss Ziebarth)
  59. No matter how expensive the perfumes I've tried, I always go back to Wind Song, my favorite.
  60. It takes me less than an hour each morning to shower, shampoo, blow dry, brush my teeth perform the miracle on my face, get dressed and head for work.
  61. I am very fussy about my grooming.
  62. I iron all of my clothes. I don't believe there is such a thing as no-iron fabric.
  63. I have a sweet tooth for bakery goods. The devil makes me eat that stuff.
  64. I get skinny when I fall in love. I get fat when I fall out of love. I need to fall in love very soon, please.
  65. My eyes are green, like my Mother's.
  66. I am not a hot weather person. Never been into sun tanning, therefore I have lived my life with what I call the "embalmed look".
  67. I no longer care when I have stubble on my legs. Armpits are another thing.
  68. I have always had "good" skin. Hardly ever had a zit in my life. I'm making up for that with wrinkles.
  69. I wear contact lenses because glasses don't sit straight over my broken nose and it drives me crazy. That's dangerous when you don't have far to go.
  70. I like to own and drive a large, four door sedan. No SUV or sports cars for me, although I would like to own a Tundra.
  71. I want to die laughing or dancing.
  72. I would prefer not to have a funeral. Just cremation; then a celebration with lots of food, laughter and fun, for the new adventure I will have embarked upon.
  73. The towels and bedding in my linen closet must be folded perfectly.
  74. I miss the old Sears catalogue.
  75. I do not like to shop- for anything! It is just one of life's necessary evils.
  76. I am a home body.
  77. I enjoy doing absolutely nothing on some of my days off.
  78. I want a slave so that I can do more of absolutely nothing.
  79. I have a weak back but a strong will. Sometimes that leaves me unable to walk fully upright for a day or two.
  80. I don't have all of my natural teeth and am thankful that my kids did not inherit the "bad teeth" gene from me. Thank you, Lord (and my employer) for good dental insurance.
  81. I am discouraged and disappointed by the politics of today.
  82. It troubles me that so many parents today, do no give their kids responsibilities or teach them respect for other human beings and their property. No is not a four letter word!
  83. I love a clean, organized house but was born with an innate hatred for housework. Where the hell is that maid I have a desire for?
  84. I love my sons-in-law. They love my daughters.
  85. I am proud of the adults my babies have grown to be.
  86. I am a klutz when it comes to anything mechanical but am fascinated with what makes things work.
  87. Color is the clothing of life.
  88. I don't like beer but I love an ice cold red beer. (half tomato juice) Doesn't make sense to me either.
  89. I long for family reunions in the city park.
  90. I love casinos but they don't love me so I don't go often.
  91. Watching the stars on clear nights help me to dream of wonders yet to come.
  92. I have above average intelligence but have not always used it to my advantage. A girl has to have fun, you know.
  93. I have learned that giving always comes back tenfold.
  94. I am the head cheerleader when it comes to seeing people climb the rocky road to success, (in all aspects of life) no matter the pitfalls along the way.
  95. I am an optimist and believe the world will come together in peace and harmony sooner than later.
  96. History is fascinating, today is all there is, the future is the result of history and today.
  97. I am not a telephone talker or a card or letter sender but the people I love and care about are always in my heart and mind.
  98. I am not a technology geek but have learned that it is not dangerous to try. Besides, I can always call or e-mail my kids to rescue me from my screw-ups.
  99. I have lived from a time when there was no television or computers; only the wealthy had telephones, cars or indoor plumbing; imagination was the biggest part of playing and the world was slow and easy, to wireless everything; instant gratification; multi-cars, homes and bathrooms; and time warp speed for living, working and playing. It is an exhilarating experience which I would not trade for anything.
  100. Yes indeed. LIFE IS GOOD!

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