Monday, August 25, 2008

The Students Are Back

Last week was "rush" week at the Universities. I'm not sure exactly what happens during the week besides pledging to Sororities and Fraternities along with getting moved into apartments and dorms, but I do know that on Friday, around 5:00 PM of that week, the students of legal age (yeah, right!) are allowed to buy alcoholic beverages. This they do with great gusto here on the Palouse. I'm sure there were many a sick puppy after this past weekend.

Today classes started for these same students. I always drive through the UI campus on my way to work each morning. This morning it was just before 7:30 as I drove past the Frat houses noting the local Disposal company placing fresh dumpsters for the trash these guys would generate. I am very certain that most of the students were in class today, maybe a little hung over but nonetheless, in attendance.

This evening, after leaving work for the day, I reversed my route through campus past those same Frat houses. I am not certain about the number of hours a student spends getting acquainted with classes on this first day but as I passed by, I again took note of those freshly placed dumpsters from my morning trip to work. It was now 7:00 PM and those huge blue metal boxes were overflowing with boxes of every brand of beer known to mankind. Oh, the resilience of youth! Yes indeed, the students are "back" and feeling their oats. May the Force be with them for the next nine months.

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Michelle said...

I still remember my first memory of Moscow. The college boys pushing the huge flat carts stacked as high as they would go with beer and ramen noodles!