Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter? I wonder.............

Everyone knows that the Northwest has been hammered with snow and wind for the past two or three weeks but this is getting to the point of rediculous! Can you imagine Seattle and Portland coming to a complete stop? And, Spokane too? Last winter was enough to last for the rest of my life; apparently, Mother Nature doesn't care what I think. I'd take pictures of what's happening this very minute but you'd can't see anything because of the heavy snow falling.

Reports are coming in every few minutes of more road closures. Luckily, I am off work for the next three days so I don't have to worry until Tuesday morning of how to escape from this snowy prison, otherwise known as my driveway. There is three feet of snow in front of my garage door so my poor vehicle is having to endure this pounding out in the cold. Oh, how I long for the flat lands of the Boise valley!

This storm is supposedly coming from the south Pacific, near Hawaii, causing the air to warm. By noon, the snow is reported to be turning to rain. Straight across the road from my driveway, is a road that is quite a steep uphill grade. Now, my imagination is limited; however, visions of a river invading my garage keep running through my head. This is troublesome since I have procrastinated building that Arc I've been planning all my life.

I don't mean to be a complainer, many people are suffering from this onslaught, but my arms and back can't get enough Aleve for the pain resulting from all the shoveling I've done recently, not to mention the cold feet and hands that barely get warmed up before the next round.

The environmentalists say the globe is warming. The proof is at the North and South poles. Well, I believe them because the North Pole is sliding over Moscow and the whole Northwest as I speak.

Winter? I wonder whether (no pun intended) it will ever end.......another something to visualize and hope for. In this case, life WILL be good again, the sooner the better.

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