Thursday, January 1, 2009

Facebook and Twitter????????????

I have never been ashamed to admit this fact: when it comes to electronics of any kind, i.e., remote controls, video players, computers, cell phones, etc., I am somewhat challenged. For example: my first cell phone. I am not a telephone person; that is, I could live life perfectly well without one even though I love it when someone calls to talk to me, sometimes even a friendly salesman. (is that sick, or what?) Anyway, I do realize that phones are a necessary part of life from time to time. When I was promoted to Assistant Store Manager in 2000, I decided it was important that anyone at work, especially my boss, be able to contact me at any time in an emergency situation, regardless of where I might be. Thus the cell phone. It was a pretty little thing, (candy apple red) and seemed quite simple to operate. Like the dedicated-to-my-job person I am, I carried it with me everywhere, even making a call now and then. (I have over 4000 rollover minutes, if that tells you anything)

One day, Blaine, my store manager, asked me why I never answered my cell phone when he had tried to call me on several occasions. Of course i quickly answered that the phone had never rang, assuring him that it was always on my person and that I charged it faithfully. He asked to see it. I handed it to him; he looked it over; he got a silly looking grin on his face; he told me I had to turn it on; my face matched the candy apple red of that phone. What can I say? The damn things are wireless; some nano size little phone faerie is supposed to magically make it ring, right?

Ok, so this is basically the same experience I am having with Facebook and Twitter. I have managed to do just enough with each to be in danger of losing what little mind I have left. This baffles me because I have no problem with the programs I use on the computers at work on a daily basis. Therefore, for those who send me flowers, drinks, kisses, hugs, snowballs, invites, etc., etc., or who may be slightly interested in anything I might "twitter" about, you are SOL for a reply....I do try. I would tell you to read my mind for my responses, but I do have enough wits left about me to realize... that would require 'thinking' on my part. Apparently, I ain't good at that either. But........keep in mind.....I am lovable! And, I may just be the tool God gave you to learn patience.

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