Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions?

You've got to be kidding! The chance of me having a great spiritual revelation is a million times more likely than me ever keeping a New Year's Resolution. Therefore, I shall not do it. Period, The end! I am the epitomy of Flip Wilson's "Whut you sees, is whut you gets!" However, I do, sometimes, try to be a good girl so I will share one of my primitive poems with you and challenge each and everyone of you to do your best to bring, all or part, of it to life in the upcoming year. I called it "Tomorrow", but you have to forget the old adage that tomorrow never comes, or this challenge will never work. Happy New Year and may every day bring you moments that take your breath away.............................

What in the world have you done today
To deserve a new tomorrow?

Did you offer your hand to a wounded soul
To ease his pain or sorrow?

Did you greet the day with a grateful heart
For blessings from God above,

And vow in your heart to spend the day
Giving thanks by sharing your love?

Did you say to yourself, "It matters not
That a mans beliefs are not mine."

And accept each person for who he is,
Keeping bitter judgements in line?

Did you try your hardest to do your best,
Being honest in every way,

Then reap the reward of good feelings inside
at the end of your working day?

Did you keep inside, any nagging woes
That make a spirit turn cool,

And show, instead, as God has taught,
That you live by the Golden Rule?

If you did but one of these things today,
You have no need to sorrow,

You've done enough, for any man,
To live a new tomorrow!

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