Monday, March 9, 2009

'Taking Chance'

I'm on vacation this week but Mother Nature stepped in, ruining my plans. Driving to Boise to visit with my family was foremost in my thoughts; not to be...the ISP road reports were of hazardous conditions for most of the trip down US95. Ok, so I argued with myself for a few hours and decided to book a flight to leave Saturday 7th at 4:10 PM. The airport is probably 15 minutes from my house; I left home, stopped at the ATM, then headed for Pullman. The wind was blowing a little, the skies cloudy, but otherwise it seemed like there would be no problem with flying that afternoon. Maybe two miles from the airport, it started to rain a little; by the time I reached the parking lot, the rain was a whiteout blizzard. Needless to sat, all flights were canceled for the day. The weather reports for the next couple of days were not encouraging (they were right, for once) so on Sunday I unpacked my bags and have felt sorry for myself ever since. Sunday was my 64th birthday which I wanted to celebrate with my kids, grandkids, and twin sister, Dewe. Instead, I pouted, refused to get dressed, slept a lot, and watched movies until 4:30 AM Monday because I'd slept a lot on Sunday.

I was going to go back to work (cancel my vacation) this morning but obviously, after watching tv all night, was in no condition to be productive, Guess what I've done all day? Watched movies on the tube and snow through the windows. And, my butt aches from sitting/laying on it so much the past few days.

All is not bad, however. While flipping channels as fast as my arthritic hands are able, I happened upon an HBO, fact based movie, titled "Taking Chance', starring Kevin Bacon. I feel it was meant for me to be here to see it. It is about a Marine officer who volunteers to accompany the body of Chance Phelps, a 20 year old soldier, killed in Iraq, home to Montana. If you have not seen it, you must! It made me cry for nearly the entire movie. In addition, it made me realize how much I have to be thankful for and that trivial things, like a canceled trip, which can be done at another time, are so unimportant compared to a life that has been willingly canceled by the bravery of a young man who died to save his comrades, and the freedoms that you and I take for granted every day of our lives.

I will never think about the death of a soldier the same again, for my heart will accompany each that I hear of, on that last journey to home, as well as the soldier who is a steadfast companion on that journey; who assures that his fallen comrade is treated with the utmost care, love, honor and respect. Please watch this poignant film.


Creative Mish said...

I haven't heard of this movie. I'll have to look for it... Hopefully it will stop snowing by April so that you can try again....

Creative Mish said...

You haven't seen the card yet? I waited to post it so that you would get it first. I was going to give it to you while you were here but since you weren't able to come I put it in the inner office mail Monday! Don't they overnight that mail?